Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reigning Cats and Dogs

It figures that in all my attempts through school to avoid taking animal pictures, it would be cats and and a dog that land me my first front and local front at The Record.
     The cats was an assignment to go with a story on the increasing feral cat population in the region.  I went down to the humane society and as as I took the shot of Moochie (seen further down this post) I couldn't help but think of a feline orphan Annie, staring out the window singing "Betcha their nice, why wouldn't they be?  Their only mistake was givin' up me.  And maybe far away and maybe real near by, they'll be calling me baby...maybe"

And this stand up photo I found in the park got more attention than any human photo I've taken.  You spend hours on documentary projects and the cute, buggy eyed Boston Terrier/Pug (affectionately termed "bug" by his owners) is what gets noticed.  Oh well, I'm flattered people liked it!

 Moochie, a one-year-old male white and grey tabby, sits ready to be adopted at the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society.