Sunday, June 12, 2011


I developed a bit of a curse with weather and shooting high school sports.  The weather seemed to spite me nearly every assignment.  I arrived at the field with the sun shining and left completely drenched in the middle of a mini monsoon.  I then had to work the rest of the day in soaking wet jeans.  Nothing feels better than wet denim.
WATERLOO, Ont. (27/04/11) -- Rockway Mennonite player Jason Wu heads the ball next to Pere-Rene-de-Galinee player Marc Nagy in a District 8 game at Rim Park on Wednesday April 27.   Photo by Shannon Storey.

WATERLOO, Ont. (27/04/11) -- Rockway keeper Michael Born dives to make a save during the second half of a District 8 game against Pere-Rene-de-Galinee at Rim Park on Wednesday April 27.  Photo by Shannon Storey.